Zoey’s Story

Once upon a time, in a faraway place, a little white bunny was lost.  Scared and alone, the little white bunny wandered and nibbled grass and slept under trees.  Nobody missed her, nobody came looking for her, and nobody wanted her anymore.

One day a 2-foot female hooman saw the little white bunny and knew this could come to no good end.  So the 2-foot got a friend and they cornered and caught the little white bunny and took her to the Humane Society to be kept in a little cage, hoping someone would see her and take her to a nice forever home.  But it did not happen and it did not happen.  The cage was small, the food was not good, and the bunny was not happy, not happy at all.  Mostly she sat back in the corner, very still, watching.

At about this time, another female 2-foot hooman named BL (which means Bunny Lady because she had 4 pet house bunnies and lived at The House of Rabbits) was at a crowded 2-foot party, enjoying the delicious food and good company.  Suddenly someone tapped her on the shoulder and whispered in her ear – “You are needed at the Humane Society.” – And then snuck away.  The next day BL went to the Humane Society and said – “What am I needed for?” – And then saw the little white bunny in the tiny cage and knew right away what she was needed for.

BL went home quickly to tell the male hooman in the house, RG (which means Rabbits’ Guy) about the poor bunny.  RG, not really wanting more pet bunnies, suggested “…taking a really BIG cage and lots of good hay down to the Humane Society so the white bunny would be more comfortable.  If nobody took the pretty bunny home after 7 days, maybe we would think about it…”

BL took the cage and the hay to the Humane Society, put the hay and the pretty white bunny in the cage, and brought everything back to her home!  RG was not allowed to say no.

The pretty little lucky white bunny was a girl and also a Lionhead – a real Diva! and BL right away said “You are a Zoey” and so she was – is.  She moved into a really big cage with two floors and lots of room and was happy, happy, happy.

Shortly thereafter, Zoey heard about a naughty bunny named Boogey from Louisiana in the United States of A. who was also called the Right Honorable Boogey Enrique Gallagher: Minister for Overseas Development.  First Boogey tried to romance Zoey, but Zoey lives in the far northwest of the United States – miles and miles and miles from Boogey.  It would not work and so instead he told her how the Bunnies Cedric and Millie-Millie were royalty in merry old England and had bestowed him with his grand title and responsibility.

Zoey, being very forward, haughty, and beautiful, asked Cedric and Millie-Millie if she too could have a title and vast responsibilities.  And she got one – Ambassador to the Pacific Northwest Underdeveloped Regions!  My, what an important and fortunate and happy bunny is our Zoey!

To add to her work-load, Zoey also applied to become a Snecret Agent in the LIA and she is – Agent 0090 – and is able to do a goodly amount of spying and snecret missions in her part of the world.  But, of course, we cannot tell about that.

Finally, a very handsome Lionhead named Chico (butterscotch and white in color), who also lived with BL and RG in The House of Rabbits, seemed mighty taken with Zoey when they were able to be outside in some play pens next to each other.  One day RG forgot to close the gate between them!  They touched noses and snuggled down beside each other and now live happily together in a really big pen with lots of hay and a big box and toys and plenty of good food and treats.
Sometimes things just work out good!  They sure did for me!

Zoey ……